Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Introducing Baby Madyson

Aspen was born to be a big sister! I cannot keep her away from Madyson. I knew that she needed a sister but it seems that they are so connected. Aspen exclaims multiple times a day "My baby sissa is CUTE"! Aspen just kisses and hugs her all day long. She teaches her how to play with her toys and is so protective. I love watching them together, these are the moments that make motherhood so worth it!

Meet our new baby girl. Madyson Laila Bybee was born June 29 at 10:39 pm. This labor was much shorter than Aspen (91/2 hours vs 23 hours!) She came into this world with the tiniest softest cry I think I have ever heard. She is so easy going, very quiet and I think she is just perfect! She weighed in at 7 lbs 6 oz and was one week early. We are so excited to get to know this little angel!

This Picture was taken the day before baby Madyson was born. Aspen was so excited to meet her. She would kiss my belly any chance she got!

There is a duck pond close by and we love to go feed the ducks. Aspen goes right up to them and they come right up to her and eat the bread out of her hand. She absolutely loves everything this world has to offer. She finds joy in everything. I learn so much from her everyday! Aspen also loves these little yellow flowers and will collect them all.

Swimming with Aspen

Here in Texas we swim almost everyday. Well that was before I had Madyson! Aspen loves it! She has no fear of the water and is becoming a very good little swimmer, even without her floatie. Gosh I love this little girl.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Aspens Cake

I AM NOT A BAKER! I love to cook but I usually do not bake. Anyhow I did really want to make Aspen a FUN Birthday cake. She LOVES My Little Pony. So I wanted to bake her a Pony cake.

This is what I attempted.... The inside a rainbow cake: green, purple and pink for my little pony of course! The frosting: this AMAZING recipe my mother-in-law had, it tasted just like marshmallow creme, YUM!

I covered the outside in purple fondant and piped some fun stuff on the sides ( I am not an artist).

My favorite part, the my little pony train we found to go on top. As I brought the cake into her, the candles were lit AND the train was going on the top. She loved it and even though I could tell you all the mistakes I made on the cake, Aspen didn't care and boy did it taste good!!

I need to send a big shout out to my husband because He made the fondant. I was so tired by the time I was making it he just took over and good thing because even with all those muscles he has, it still took about an hour to roll it out paper thin. Fondant is some tough stuff!!

Aspens turns 2!

Aspen has just turned 2! Everyone was so sweet and sent her so many cards and gifts. She was in seventh heaven. What I loved most about this birthday was that Aspen new what the presents were and who they were from. That was much different than last year!

We're Pregnant!

We have some exciting news to tell everyone. Aspen is going to be a big sister! I am due July 5 and we are very excited! That is probably the biggest thing going on in our lives right now.

Since it has been so long since I posted I guess I should give an update.

Adrian is working at Enterprise and I am teaching preschool and piano a couple days a week. It is nice that Aspen gets to come with me and I am enjoying all my students!

Aspen is taking tumbling classes and every week I am impressed at how athletic and coordinated she is. She uses the beam, tramp, she loves to run and jump full speed into the foam pit and her favorite is that her Uncle Tyson and her Grandpa are her teachers! (pictures soon to come!)

Adrian is the secretary in the Elders Quorum and I am serving as the Music Leader in the Primary.

We are not too exciting but life is good. :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I'm trying to catch up on my summer. So there is going to be a lot of posts and pictures today. All in good fun. After Maranda had Audrie their whole family came and stayed with us for about 2-3 weeks. We had so much fun with the Huffines. I think the girls thought they were sisters by the end of it!
Here are some snapshots of all the fun. They went swimming. We even went to the Zoo. Aspen refused her stroller and opted for Uncle Tyson's shoulders. Thank goodness he was there because I could not have carried her all over the Zoo on such a hot day!

Sophies Birthday

My niece Sophie and I are so lucky to have the same birthday! Although there is a slight age difference (22 years) I love sharing my birthday with Sophie. She (or I could say we) had a minnie mouse all pink birthday. Grandma got Aspen and Sophie some cell phone and I could not resist snapping a picture. How cute!

Meeting Audrie

Maranda had her little baby girl at the end of June. We were lucky enough to be able to go see them in provo. This is Aspen meeting her new cousin Audrie, who may I say is just adorable! Sophie and Aspen also got to go swimming with each other. It was a really fun day.
Lindsey and I had the opportunity to go visit Mandy in Arizona. We had such a fabulous time. I loved getting to know Cooper and Pyper and spending time with my wonderful sister and brother in law. The kiddos had a blast! Aspen loved hanging with the boys and loved lovin on Pyper! Here are some fun photos of the kids and just hanging out.

The Diva with her glasses and purse as always!

The other morning I was making breakfast as usual, but as I turned around to put Aspen in her seat this is what I saw. Now I never thought I would have to explain to and 18 month old that "it is time to put down the I pod!!" What a little grown up diva I have!

Grandma and Grandpas cat had some kitties. Aspen loves them. She will pick them, give them kisses and put them all in her basket to carry around. It is hilarious. My little angel is just so sweet!

Aspen and I go walking every morning. This particular morning I let her put on whatever she wanted. She reminded me of an '80's dance star. Her outfit just made my whole day! I will let the pictures do the talking.